Meet the 2020 Lower Milford Officers


President: Joe Lehnert
Vice President: Barb DeFiore

Treasurer: Allen Male

Secretary: Maria McKee
Financial Secretary: Ken Knapp
Membership Secretary: Tiffany Male

Emergency Officers:

Fire Chief: Rich DeFiore Jr.
1st Assistant Fire Chief: Ed Miller Jr.
2nd Assistant Fire Chief: Ron Detwiler

Captain: Zack Keiser
Lieutenant: Matt Bachert
Safety Officer: Scott Moser

Fire Police Captain: John Fitzell
Fire Police Lieutenant: Gary Decker

Fire Marshall: Jerry Graham

Photographer: open

Fire Warden: Terry Miller



Don Harrington
Brian McKee
Gary Decker


Members & Junior Members

FF – Ed Bendekovitz
FF – Kathy Sabaski
FF – Barb DeFiore
FF – Cliff Foulke
FF – Chris Kemmerer
FF – Gary Focht
FP – Jim Matlack
FF – Rich Schantzenbach


FF – Don Harrington
FF – Austin Male
FF – Tiffany Male
FF – Brian McKee
FF – Matt Moerder
FF – Dan Pope
FF – Derek Pope
FP – Alison Koch
FF – Nate Schock

FF – Cody Sabaski
FF – Matt Stottlemyer
FF – Bradley DeFiore
FF – Britney Rowe
FF – Aaron Focht 
FF – Zoe Chappell
JR/FF – Nate Woodruff
JR/FF – Brandon Davis
JR/FF – Ethan Schock


Become a Member Today!

Become a member of the Lower Milford Township Fire Company Today! As a 100% Volunteer organization we are always looking for new members. Stop by on Monday nights after 7:00 pm, email us or call us. We need your support so that the fire company can support you.





Truck Room:      610.967.0411
Pavilion Rental:  610.967.0411
Join / Volunteer:  610.967.0411

We check messages on training nights. This is not a Staffed station. It is a Volunteer Station. Thank you


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